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Royal Speeches

Royal Speeches

47th Anniversary of the Green March, November 6, 2022.

“... In this regard, and in keeping with a spirit of national responsibility, I invite the private sector to continue to be engaged in productive investment in these provinces, particularly in projects of a social nature.

I also call for new prospects of action to be opened up in order to promote the development dynamic in our southern provinces, especially in the most promising sectors, the blue economy and renewable energy.. ... »

46th Anniversary of Green March(2021)

« … The positive developments with regard to the Sahara question also reinforce the continuing development process in our southern provinces.

These territories are enjoying comprehensive development, including infrastructure as well as economic and social projects.

Thanks to these projects, the Saharan regions have become an open space for development and for national and foreign investment …  »

45th Anniversary of Green March(2020)

« … I shall continue to work for the development of a real maritime economy in these provinces, which I particularly cherish. Indeed, they boast significant resources and capabilities that can make them act as a bridge between Morocco and its African roots. … »

42nd Anniversary of Green March(2017)

«… The projects I have launched, and those to follow, will turn the Moroccan Sahara into an integrated economic hub that will enable the region to play its role as a link between Morocco and countries further down in Africa. It will also serve to connect the countries of the region. … »

40th Anniversary of Green March (2015)

«… The implementation of the Development Model for the Southern Provinces shows how committed we are to fulfilling our obligations towards our fellow citizens in these provinces, which will thus become a model of integrated development. …»

39th anniversary of Green March (2014)

« … Since these regions, which are so dear to us, were recovered, much has been accomplished there in various fields. However, the major projects we will be launching during the coming year - God willing - will be crucial to the region’s future. The reference here is to the actual implementation of advanced regionalization and of the development model for the southern provinces. … »

37th anniversary of Green March (2012)

« … In this respect, I wish to reiterate our commitment to implement advanced regionalization, making sure our southern provinces are given priority in this process. Indeed, there are vast opportunities for the participation of citizens in the management of local affairs, for their contribution to integrated, sustainable human development … »