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Laayoune Sakia El Hamra : a Region of Opportunities

The region is a large, attractive and connected territory with great potential and many investment opportunities

CRI | Royal Letters and Speeches

Excerpt from the Royal Speech on the 47th Anniversary of the Green March, November 6, 2022.

“... In this regard, and in keeping with a spirit of national responsibility, I invite the private sector to continue to be engaged in productive investment in these provinces, particularly in projects of a social nature. I also call for new prospects of action to be opened up in order to promote the development dynamic in our southern provinces, especially in the most promising sectors, the blue economy and renewable energy.. ... »

Word from the director

M. Mohammed JIFER

The Regional Investment Center of Laayoune Sakia El Hamra Region is at the heart of the New Development Model and the institutional reform projects, initiated by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God bless him, focused on improving the business climate and investment promotion. We work daily to implement the new expanded prerogatives assigned to CRIs under the new Law 47-18.

Missions of CRI


- Receive and examine investment files and related administrative acts in coordination with the administrations and public bodies concerned;

- Develop and administer electronic platforms dedicated to investment at the regional level;

Règlement à l’amiable des différends

Accompagnement des investisseurs et entreprises

Impulsion économique et offre territoriale

Mise à disposition des acteurs économiques de l’information sur le territoire

Missions of CRI

Pourquoi investir dans la région

La Région a confirmé sa vocation de pôle économique central et de grand hub régional et africain

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HUB des
energies renouvelables

Facteurs de production


Climat des affaires

aux standards

Cadre vie et patrimoine

Why invest in the region

La Région a confirmé sa vocation de pôle économique central et de grand hub régional et africain


Geostrategic position

Hyphen in Morocco and its African depth, the Laâyoune Sakia El Hamra region is the ideal gateway for your company to the markets of the African continent and the Canary Islands.

Renewable energies HUB

The region has great potential in terms of renewable energies; wind , solar and green hydrogen. Currently 8 operational parks: 6 Wind (855 MW) and 2 Solar (100 MW) and several other projects in progress or under study

Competitive factors of production

he population of the region is extremely young, especially in working age (15-59 years old) which represents 65.5%. The region has a competitive workforce. Production costs (energy, logistics, water, etc.) are also advantageous

Attractive land

The Region has considerable land potential under private state ownership that can be easily mobilized for productive private investment

Favorable business climate

Under Royal impulse, several institutional reform projects relating to the business climate have been implemented by the Kingdom, such as administrative devolution, the simplification of administrative procedures and formalities, the creation and support of companies by electronic means, the reform of the Regional Investment Centers, the reform of public establishments, the tax reform, the new investment charter, etc.

Standard infrastructures

4 ports: a commercial and fishing port in Laayoune, a phosphate port in El Marsa and two fishing ports in Boujdour and Tarfaya
Airport: international in Laayoune connected to Las Palmas, Dakhla, Agadir, Casablanca and Marrakech
Expressway: Tiznit-Lâayoune-Dakhla of 950 km
Roads: 2724.20 km including road N°1 linking Tangier-Mauritania
Water: 3 desalination stations (Laayoune, Boujdour, Tarfaya), treatment station in Es-Smara and a new desalination station and a WWTP in progress in Laayoune
Telecom: mobile and fixed telephony, 4G, ADSL and fiber optics

living environment and a unique heritage

Climate: very pleasant and sunny all year round Cities
modern: with all the necessary conditions, particularly in terms of housing, transport, green spaces and sports, etc.
Population: young and dynamic, characterized by its hospitality and rich heritage and traditions
Landscapes between sea and desert: 600 km of coastline, ecological treasures such as the Khenifiss National Park and Naïla lagoon, sand dunes...
Flavors and local and quality territory products: fish, meat and cameline milk, tea, five-grain couscous, aromatic and medicinal plants, artisanal products, etc.