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Moukawala Raqmya

The Digital Development Agency, in partnership with the Ministry of Digital Transition and Administrative Reform, has launched the national platform “Moukawala Raqmya.”

This initiative is part of the “Digital SME” project outlined in the roadmap of the Digital Development Agency, which comprises several initiatives aimed at accelerating the digital transformation of Moroccan businesses.

The Moukawala Raqmya platform offers a self-assessment system for the digital maturity of Moroccan companies of all sizes and sectors. Targeting Very Small, Small, and Medium Enterprises (VSMEs), this platform aims to:

1. Raise awareness among Moroccan VSMEs about the importance of digital transformation.
2. Facilitate and encourage the adoption of digital solutions through a personalized action plan and recommendations.
3. Provide services to guide VSMEs in their next steps toward digitalization.

Are you a VSB,SMB? Visit: www.moukawalaraqmya.gov.ma

Author: cri-admin